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I’m Maria Fanelli, a mind-body health practitioner, educator, coach and mindfulness meditation teacher. Through many years of study and personal experience in the mind-body field, I have realized amazing outcomes and discoveries.

My mission now is to share these findings and assist others in promoting optimal mind-body health.

Through an integrated approach, I help others lighten and clear their path from stress and dis-‘ease’ to health, vitality, and clarity as they become more aware of their true potential and interconnectedness. Please join me for expert guidance, stimulating inquiry and a little lightheartedness along the way.


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Stress and Anxiety Sobriety?

By Maria Fanelli
November 13, 2013

No one likes the jitteriness, nervousness, tenseness, or edginess of anxiety—nor the intense terror of a panic attack. Unfortunately, a shocking number of us suffer from these symptoms. Back in 2011, Medco, the nationwide pharmacy service company, reported that one in five women over the age of twenty is on antidepressants. This is 20 percent of adult women! Even more startlingly, this figure is up 29 percent from a report […]

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Protein vs. Protein

By Maria Fanelli
August 21, 2013

We all need protein in our diet. Out of the 20 essential protein nutrients, also known as polypeptides or amino acid chains, our body only produces 11. We have to get those remaining 9 amino acid chains from food sources. Where we get our protein is very important; there are risk factors associated with certain proteins. Even though there has been research and evidence available for decades about these risk […]

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